I am driven as a creative. My passion lies within various mediums with simply the Urge to Make Things. I have broken up my portfolio pieces into three (3) categories. I would love to hear your feedback and I would especially enjoy the opportunity should you have a need for my services. Just go to the Connect page and we can get started!

Web Design & Development

UX/UI Designer experience and expertise within user-centered design, user research, user experience, rapid prototyping, etc. while working closely with project managers and engineers to create and execute various web applications.

Rich-Media & Photography

Designing intuitive interface schemes, along with navigation for multimedia presentations while working within a multidisciplinary team of visual designers, project managers, information architects, and programmers designing software for CD-ROM and Kiosks.


Fullfilling the role of lead designer with responsibilities for designing and managing of brand identity, collateral pieces, package designs, advertisements for print and various 'mock' products for independent films from conceptualization to delivery.